AMV Tennis; Forum Game
You know- for an AMV forum, we don’t make nearly enough AMVs; so here’s a game to help inspire some activity.
  • Take the previous poster’s AMV and remix/remake it.
  • You may change either the AMV’s video, or its audio. Not both.

    (Be sure to list/link the sources you use)
We played this game on the other forum too, to varying degrees of success.
I’ll make the first serve:

Video = Rewrite episode 3. Here's the unedited scene.
Audio = Futurama excerpt. The Hypnotoad.
Remix it and hit it back. You could use the original scene and apply a different gag or audio to it, or can you think of an entirely different show and scene that would fit the Hypnotoad gag?
Nobody is judging these videos, just have fun and practice your editing.
Gonna reserve this spot one. Gimme a bit.

Same video source as before, not really an audio source.
Dunno if that's breaking the rules, but hey I changed the gag.
^It's legal.

V = Still Rewrite ep 3
A = Waterworld
I've got an idea.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Here's my entry:

Hope you like it!
[Image: giphy.gif]
Be sure to link/list your sources. 
Anyway, that's enough of Rewrite. Time to change the scene:

V = Parasyte ep 1
A = Mr. Plinkett's Star Wars Episode 1 review

Video: See Post Above
Audio: Donald Trump Quotes

I'm sorry its shit lipsyncing that blob is really difficult
ZombieMesh, you beauty. Where have you been hiding?

Video = Code Geass ep 22
Audio = Same as above

Let's hear some music in the next clip.

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