AMV Hellspawn - Now Open For Submissions

Reading through the The Future of AMV Hell, it's obvious many of us weren't ready for things to end.
Zarx may be retiring, but the community with all it's editors doesn't have to. AMV Hellspawn aims to be a new nexus point for us all.
I'm looking forward to seeing who all will be a part of the first episode of many.

Read over the AMV Hellspawn Submission Guidelines on how to submit your video:

Official YouTube Channel:

What is AMV Hellspawn?
AMV Hellspawn is an episodic MEP in the style of AMV Hell.

Is AMV Hellspawn an official AMV Hell series?
No. AMV Hellspawn is a spin-off series with the aim of being a new nexus point for editors.

I'm new to making AMVs, can I still submit of video?
Yes. AMV Hellspawn is open to editors of all skill levels.
If your video is good, it'll be accepted. If it's not so good, then at the very least we'll give you some advice to improve on in your future entries.

I don't know how to edit all, how can I participate?
If you're not an editor, but have some great ideas you'd like to see appear in AMV Hellspawn, then post them here:

Have any other questions? Post them below.

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