AMV Hellspawn 01 - Kickstarter
After receiving over 40 entries from more then a dozen different editors, we've finally reached the point of releasing the first AMV Hellspawn episode to you.
Thank you to everyone who submitted entries. I'm hoping we get to see some more great stuff from you in the next episode as well, which is officially open for entries now.

Due to copyright restrictions on YouTube there may be times where a video is excluded from the YouTube upload, but still available via Vimeo and the downloadable versions.
This is so the whole episode wont be unviewable because of a single entry. There was one such instance this episode. Videos which have been removed from the YouTube upload will be noted below.

If you have an account on "", you can download this episode as an attachment or from "".
Each episode will also be available to stream from YouTube and Vimeo.

Without further ado...


Excluded From YouTube
Alice Cooper - I'll bite your face off

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