AMV Hellspawn Submission Guidelines
AMV Hellspawn Submission Guidelines

Current Judges: LawRayLiet, SilentChaz, MADEVIL

Project Technical Details
Resolution: 1280x720
FPS: 23.976
Codec: MP4

Video Entries Should Be:

1. Funny
The genre is comedy. Your video should be funny, or humorous in one way or another.
Try to be original. Avoid using ideas which have already been done, unless you're doing it MUCH better then the original, or putting a really unique and different spin on it.

2. 30sec or Less
This is not a hard limit, but it's a rare case where a video warrants it's length beyond 30 seconds. That being said, the majority of accepted entries will be 30sec or less.
Videos longer then 30sec may be accepted on a case by case basis, but it'll be subject to a much higher scrutiny for acceptance. If it's good, but drags on, you may be asked to shorten it.

3. High Quality
Take the time to obtain a high quality source material for your video. Don't settle for subpar video or audio quality just because it's convenient.
Do not upscale your videos resolution or change the FPS. Make sure your input matches the output. Keep your audio quality as high as possible.
Your video should not contain subtitles or watermarks that weren't placed there by you, or which are not necessary to the joke. 
Unobtrusive watermarks may be accepted if no other viable option is available, for example with a show that is currently airing.

4. PG-13
Regarding expletives, violence and sexual content, your video should be similar to PG-13 content.
For example, revealing clothing, panty shots and the typical anime sexual content is fine, while explicit nudity is not.
Although allowed within a certain measure, you should try and avoid excessive violence and strong language.

5. Primarily Japanese Animation
It's not an AMV without anime. Your video may incorporate other sources which are not anime, but that shouldn't be the focus.

6. Can I submit content which has appeared in other compilations, or which have otherwise been publicly available?
As long as it hasn't appeared in an already popular compilation, or otherwise reached a significant point in popularity, then it's fine.

Submission Process
Acceptable Formats: MP4, AVI, MKV
Ideal Output Specs: 1280x720 /  23.976fps
File Host To Use: Google Drive, DropboxOneDrive

You'll need to have an account here. Registration is quick and simple. Your account is active the moment you register, no email verification is necessary.
To submit your video entry, simply post a thread in the "AMV Hellspawn Entries" forum. This is a private forum where users may only view threads that they've created.
You should post a thread for each individual video you create along with the required information. The "Post Thread" form has been pre-formatted to require all the necessary details of your entry.
Afterwards, check back in a few days for new post from us concerning your entry.

If you have any questions, please post them below.

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