AMV Hellspawn 02 - Reloaded
We're locked and loaded for a new episode. Thanks to every who submitted an entry and I hope you enjoy it.
Unfortunately almost 1 full minute worth of content had to be excluded from the YouTube upload due to copyright restrictions, so I highly recommend you download the episode, or view it on Vimeo.
For info on our upcoming third episode, please read the bottom of this post.


Excluded From YouTube
One Punch Man
Bob Dylan - Hurricane

Edwin Starr - War

Gurren Lagann
Phil Collins - Against All Odds

Episode 3
We're now open for submissions to episode 3, with a small twist. Episode 3 will be a special episode where explicit lyrics will be allowed and will not need to be censored.
That said, it's not a requirement to use explicit lyrics in your entry, just a special allowance for this episode only. Standard entries will also be accepted into this new episode.
Hope to see some great stuff soon.

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This was a really good episode. To be honest, it was pretty amazing and surreal to see my clip featured.
I did notice that all the links go to the first episode. Is that intentional?
[Image: giphy.gif]
Oops That was an accident, fixed now. Also added the episode as an attachment to download.
not bad.
sorry i hadn't been able to submit anything for this episode.
a lot of ideas, but nothing that really fitted.
too many non-humourous clip ideas, is my problem unfortunately
[Image: 2r468eu.gif]
Yes, I WAS under a rock for 20 years. 
Oof! The real world sucks, but at least I'm still alive.
On the proper topic though, I loved this episode and finally found some time to try to learn video editing. Woot!

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