The Official Welcome/Introductions Thread
Hello I'm voidwalker Male, American and have been around since before disco died lol.
I love Anime and everything related. I came across AMV Hell at it's peak and fell in love with the concept.
As most fans were, I was heart broken to see it's decline partly because I feel like I missed a window to be part of something great. But then I found AMV Hellspawn and a new home. Law, Chaz, SuperLoliSentai and any of the other admins; thanks for doing what you do and I hope to contribute and help out in any way I can.
as far as my editing tool bag it's not much different from Chaz's setup - Audacity; Photoshop; Avidemux and working with OpenShot and Blender at the moment.
Blimey, it's nice to see this thread used once in a while.

Welcome Void. Hope to see something from you.
Hey Big Grin
I m new here and here is my new AMV i spend so much time in it I hope you will like it Big Grin
just submitted three entries on the amv submission page in the form of new posts
wazzup guys... im new here but older at the amvhell xD

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