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Multi Anime Crack (AMV Minis-style videos) - AniDisFan - 04-03-2017

A criminally underrated series, in my opinion.
I think this is the closest we can get to AMV Minis, now that AMV Minis is over.

Seriously, spread the word!
More people need to know of Multi Anime Crack!
I'd even say it deserves its own TV Tropes page!

Edit: Sorry if I set everyone's hopes too high.
After a little rewatching and rethinking, I think this series is just okay.

I just thought that Multi Anime Crack was the only AMV Hell-style series with enough new episodes to fill the void left by the end of AMV Hell and AMV Minis.
I especially feel this way thanks to the serious lack of episodes of AMV Hellspawn and AMVRip, which I admit are much worthier successors to AMV Hell than Multi Anime Crack.

RE: Multi Anime Crack (AMV Minis-style videos) - SilentChaz - 04-03-2017

Here's a funny idea: Let's cut to a reaction shot of Jon Tron after ANYTHING.